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Minnesota has its share of divorce and domestic abuse

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The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Woman has released its annual report on domestic violence. According to the report, 37 people were killed last year in our state as the result of a relationship with a significant other.

While some of the incidents involved younger couples that were still dating, a number of the incidents involved women informing their husbands that they wanted a divorce. One woman had divorce papers in her vehicle when she was reported missing. Her badly beaten body was discovered weeks later.

These tragedies have sparked a call to action. The Coalition and other groups are stressing safety and family resources to local lawmakers. They hope new and improved legislation will help prevent domestic abuse and/or give women more options when violence becomes an issue.

Meanwhile, numerous current spouses are considering a divorce. The end of a marriage is often viewed as a stressful and contentious event. The event, though, does not have to be a bitter dispute.

Local Minneapolis and St. Paul family law attorneys have helped hundreds of couples work through their split. These experts can counsel their clients on the process and help them understand how they can achieve their goals.

And, if violence is involved, a local attorney can advise divorcees on legal processes to protect themselves and their children. While state groups and local non-profits like the Coalition are the best places to seek help in a violent relationship, family law attorneys can help local couples make a clean break and set themselves up for a successful post-relationship life.

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