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Rapper released from jail for non-payment of child support

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2015 | Child Support |

Failure to pay child support is a serious development after a divorce and can result in aggressive prosecution. Anyone who has been accused of this offense can find themselves facing both fines and significant jail time. However, one famous rapper has just been released from jail early after serving time for failing to pay overdue child support.

DMX has just been released from prison after serving two months of a six month sentence for not paying overdue child support. The rapper was released after his attorney filed a motion to stay the remainder of his prison time until the situation could be properly resolved.

DMX was originally sentenced to prison this past July after a warrant was issued for his arrest in June. The rapper was arrested outside of Radio City Music Hall just before he was set to perform at the venue. Fans that later arrived to see his show were told that the show was canceled.

According to court records, DMX has been accused of not paying over $400,000 in child support. He claims that he was never told that he owed any back child support. He will return to court in November when a judge will decide whether the rapper knew about the large amount of back child support. Should the judge rule that DMX knew about the child support issue, he will be sent back to prison to complete the six month sentence.

As this case illustrates, failing to pay for child support can be very costly. Any Minnesota resident who believes that they are paying too much for child support may want to speak to a child support attorney in order to discuss a child support modification.

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