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Former Minnesota Twin getting divorced

On Behalf of | May 9, 2013 | Firm News |

Things have been pretty good for David Ortiz since he left the Twins to play for the Boston Red Sox. He has blossomed into a superstar power hitter while also earning a World Series ring along the way. One constant during his roller coaster ride from the minor leagues to Minnesota to Boston to World Champion has been his wife Tiffany. However, Ortiz recently confirmed that his marriage is coming to an end.

Despite the impending divorce, Ortiz has been red hot at the plate lately. He has vowed to not let his personal matters affect his play and, as of late, he has been making good on that promise. This stellar play comes as a surprise to many who have gone through a divorce. The stress can be debilitating. As Ortiz shows, however, many times people are able to thrive during and after a divorce.

For Ortiz and wife Tiffany, they reportedly have just reached a point where the relationship no longer worked and it was time to go their separate ways. According to Ortiz, the process has been amicable thus far as the couple divvies up assets, establishes support obligations and irons out issues concerning their three children.

This amicability is attainable for almost any couple. Divorce mediation proceedings and property settlement negotiations can eliminate the stress and tension of court battles.

Divorcees often separate their split with the rest of their lives with a little help from various professionals and a vow to set their emotions aside. In this manner, they can secure everything that is important to them in their old life, while still succeeding in their new life.

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