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St. Paul man accused of post-divorce plot

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | Firm News |

A local St. Paul man was arrested recently for allegedly conspiring to kill his ex-wife. According to reports, the man threatened to kill his former spouse as well as several others he claimed had wronged him. Authorities found a gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the man’s vehicle, as well as diagrams of certain buildings.

The criminal complaint in the Ramsey County District Court alleges the man was motivated by a bitter divorce. While the charges certainly rise to the level of extreme, the St. Paul divorcees are not alone in their ire towards a former spouse.

While some of a former couple’s animosity may be unavoidable, divorce proceedings do not need to aggravate these feelings. This blog regularly reports on options for those seeking a split. Collaborative divorce and other alternative dispute resolution processes can alleviate the hard feelings of divvying up property and parenting time.

This is critical because the end of a marriage does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship. Alimony payments and parenting time agreements can extend the relationship between exes beyond the official dissolution of marriage. As a result, it behooves individuals to seek a reasonable resolution to the split.

Local St. Paul attorneys have experience doing just that. They can take charge and help clients secure important interests, while also avoiding a long drawn out legal battle. This effective counsel is critical to setting up the divorcee in a successful post-divorce situation that does not lead to a toxic relationship with the former spouse.

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