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Celebrity chef fights new court battle with ex-wife

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2015 | Firm News |

Just because a divorce has been finalized doesn’t mean that the process is permanently over. There are times when new issues can arise such as a request to change alimony or to increase a parent’s visitation time with their children. Recently, one famous TV chef found himself called back into court again even though his final divorce was granted.

Food Network icon Bobby Flay was in court again after his ex-wife, actress Stephanie March filed a motion requesting Flay pay her $105,000 for appearances in Flay’s Food Network videos. March and her attorney believed that her presence in the videos violated her divorce agreement with Flay that stated that neither March nor Flay could use any images of the other for profit.

According to Flay and his attorney, the videos in question were made before the couple split up and are not owned by Flay, but rather by the Food Network. Flay’s attorney argued that March’s motion was not about their divorce agreement, but rather was about exacting some revenge on Flay.

After listening to March’s request for payment for the videos and for an additional $14,000 in moving fees, the judge denied both requests. He agreed with Flay that the chef had no way to force the Food Network to stop selling the videos. Flay and March’s divorce was finalized in July of this year.

The end of a marriage can raise many difficult questions, including what constitutes a fair settlement. However, any Minnesota resident who is going through a divorce may want to speak to a family law services attorney in order to find out if they are eligible for a settlement.

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