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Common court forms used during a Minnesota divorce: Part 1

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Firm News |

The process of divorce can sometimes become tedious. That’s because there always seems to be many forms that must be filled out and filed with a court. The state of Minnesota does require couples to fill out different forms during a divorce, however, not all of the forms are needed for each divorce. So, here is a quick look at some of the more common divorce forms used in Minnesota. Future blogs will look at additional types of these forms.

The first form that can be filled out in order to begin divorce proceedings is a summons. The summons is filled out by a petitioner and then served to the other spouse named in the summons. This individual is known as a respondent. The summons gives the respondent 30 days to answer the charges stated or face a possible default judgment. The summons also includes temporary restraining terms about the marital assets as well as instructions to keep all current insurance policies.

The next form that must be completed is known as a petition for the dissolution of marriage. This form is very important and serves as the basis for the divorce proceedings. It is filled out by the petitioner and identifies the spouses as well as their children and lists where these individuals live. It also lists the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage and indicates that both parties have been separated. This document can also request alimony, child support, medical insurance and ask that the couple’s home and vehicles be sold.

Choosing the correct forms that are needed during a divorce can sometimes seem like a daunting challenge. However, any Minnesota resident who is going through the divorce process may want to speak to a divorce attorney in order to get a better understanding of the divorce forms that will be have to be completed.

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