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5 Digital Tools That Make Co-Parenting Easier

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Managing one household is difficult. It is infinitely more challenging to manage everyday life following a separation or divorce.

Apps and software have been developed for seemingly everything, and here is further proof: there are digital tools that make it easier for separated and divorced parents to manage their lives, their time and their children.

You can use these apps to organize and synchronize family calendars, communicate effectively with your ex-spouse and track custody time.

This post is not an endorsement of any of these digital products. The information presented here is merely a starting point to help you find solutions that will work for your life. Below are five examples of co-parenting digital tools.

2Houses helps users organize schedules; keep track of all activities; manage expenses; and exchange school and medical information.

Bothparents emphasizes sharing. Features include: a shared email account for communicating with adults who need to be in contact with both parents; a shared calendar; a shared phone directory; and photo sharing.

Custody Junction was designed to help with scheduling, tracking and reporting of custody time. Reports can be generated and shared with third parties, such as lawyers and court personnel.

Kidganizer is a synchronized app that is updated in real time. Kidganizer allows users to create profiles for each child and input scheduling and financial information.

Our Family Wizard includes tools for: scheduling child custody; tracking parenting time, sharing important family information; managing expenses; and creating an accurate log of divorce communication.

In addition, general-use products like Evernote and Google Calendar can be adapted to meet co-parenting needs.

While these apps can be very helpful, they do not replace the guidance that an attorney can provide for setting up custody arrangements.