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Child support not a short term requirement for Minnesota parents

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Firm News |

A child has the right to be supported through the age of majority. This standard mantra, spelled out in Minnesota’s statutory scheme, means that parents must produce the finances necessary to care for their children whether or not the parents are married. As a result, parents across the state are saddled with long-term child support obligations following a divorce.

Given the often onerous nature of this bill, it is not uncommon for a parent to stop paying after a short period of time. While enforcing that payment is generally straight forward, it is more difficult to modify or amend a support agreement which may be just as important. Such a step generally requires the help of an experience child support lawyer like Janet L. Goehle.

Divorces often happen early in a marriage. At this time, kids are young and parents have years of child rearing left to do. While a support agreement may be drafted at the time of divorce, it may prove inadequate as the children begin to grow up. Not only does the cost of living rise, but child specific expenses like medical care or education may creep up as well.

Amending a support agreement to cover such costs, though, is not automatic. There is a burden which applicants must meet. Framing the issue is paramount. Only experienced family law lawyers like Janet Goehle can present or even defend against such challenges in a way that will be receptive to courts. This expertise has helped hundreds of parents arrive at a support agreement that suits them and their children.

While the general obligation to support a child may be open and obvious, making sure this obligation has substance and actually does what it is intended to do is not always easy. Janet Goehle can help and will make sure your perspective is considered in setting such agreements.