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Minnesota representatives join battle against divorce

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Firm News |

Many social conservatives have been speaking out against gay marriage for years. While they seek to prevent same-sex couples from getting married, many in their ranks are also committing themselves to keeping opposite-sex couples married. Michelle Bachman of Minnesota, for instance, signed a pledge endorsing mandatory cooling off periods to limit quick divorces.

In addition, at least a dozen states across America have recently proposed legislation which would make it more difficult for a married couple to get a divorce. From limiting the reasons a couple could split to requiring counseling, there are many ideas being thrown out there as possible solutions to the high divorce rate.

These ideas probably come from the right place. Divorce rates have been linked to economic concerns as well as issues with child development. At the same time, may believe putting roadblocks up to prevent divorce simply makes an already complicated process even more difficult.

No matter what the government does to mitigate or limit what they perceive as a divorce problem, spouses will continue to break-up. As a result, these individuals will need to tie up loose ends and lay a foundation for life without the other.

This process often involves property settlements, child custody agreements and visitation plans. Getting the right information about such negotiations and court proceedings is of the utmost importance. Doing so can help parents work through a divorce and arrange their affairs so a family’s post-divorce life can be successful and enriching for both parents and any children involved.

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