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What should I do during a parenting-time evaluation?

When divorces in Minnesota turn ugly and child custody disputes ensue, it often becomes necessary for the courts to order parenting-time evaluations. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, evaluators can gather information from multiple sources, such as parental employment history, mental and medical files and school records in addition to interviewing the parents and kids in order to make their decisions. If you are ordered to participate in this type of assessment, you may be wondering what you should do.

Types of child custody in Minnesota

Dividing assets and property when a marriage in Minnesota dissolves can be complicated in any circumstance. With 3.2 out of every 1,000 people getting divorced across the country in 2014, courts need to be prepared to handle these cases in the best interest of both parties. When a divorcing couple has kids, the matter of child custody needs to be decided by a judge.

Co-parenting and the holidays

Spouses who have children and are in the midst of a divorce may face certain challenges during the holiday season in Minnesota. Now that there are two separate households, the kids may feel confused and unsettled about the situation. Parents should work together so they can successfully co-parent their children. This will make it easier for them to enjoy the holidays just as much as they were able to before the separation.

Is co-parenting the right decision for your family?

If you have kids and are going through a divorce in Minnesota, one issue that should take priority is parenting. You may be wondering if co-parenting is the right decision for your family. Although it will take a concentrated effort from you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to make the transition from a two parent household to one easier for your children, it can be done.

Setting up a visitation schedule that works for everyone

Divorce often presents new challenges for parents in Minnesota. One of those obstacles involves the visitation schedule. Many people contact Janet L. Goehle, Attorney at Law, unaware of the fact that they do have the option of working with the other parent to establish a visitation schedule that works in the best interests of everyone. When you are making this schedule, it is important that you and your ex-spouse consider each other’s needs and those of your children. Regardless of who receives legal or physical custody of the kids, the visitation rights of the noncustodial parent must be honored, unless the courts rule otherwise.

Co-parenting after divorce: it's almost back-to-school time

It is already midsummer and while it may be hard to imagine, it is not too early to start thinking about preparing for the kids heading back to school. It can be especially important for divorced parents to start the planning process early, particularly if there is a high level of family tension or if major decisions need to be made such as whether a son or daughter should change schools and how that might impact the child's primary residence.

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