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How does a child custody evaluation work?

| Dec 4, 2020 | Child Custody |

If children are involved in a divorce, Minnesota courts will proceed with what is called a child custody evaluation. The courts will use this evaluation of the parents and their circumstances to determine if they will be granted either joint or sole custody. Although this is a very common practice, it is still a very nerve-racking process for individuals to endure.

What exactly is a child custody evaluation?

During a child custody evaluation, the state will look into your financial, mental, and professional life. In addition, it will also examine your child’s mental state to determine if your lifestyle can meet his or her needs. It is only after all this information has been gathered that the courts will make a decision regarding your child custody request.

When are evaluations needed?

A child custody evaluation is needed when both parents cannot agree about custody issues. Another reason why an evaluation may be needed is when one parent accuses the other of being unfit to meet the child’s needs.

Preparing for the evaluation

To help increase the chances of the court ruling in your favor, there are certain things you can do before and during the evaluation. The first is to avoid getting in the way of the evaluator. You may not like having your life inspected, but it’s necessary to obtain custody of your child. Next is to have the necessary documents at the ready. This will allow the process to move much faster and may portray in you a better light to the evaluator. Lastly involves how you act and dress. Treat this process as if you are going into a job interview.

Although child custody evaluations are fairly simple, it is still recommended that you get assistance from an attorney. A lawyer may simplify and present important documents to the evaluator.

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