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Common court forms used during a Minnesota divorce: part 2

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2016 | Firm News |

One of last month’s blogs took a look at common divorce forms that are used in the state of Minnesota. Specifically it examined two forms; a summons and a petition for the dissolution of a marriage. This week’s blog will explore two additional divorce forms used in the state. But remember that not every divorce uses every specific divorce form. These are just examples of more common forms used in Minnesota.

Another typical divorce form is known as the Admission of Service Form. This form is used after an individual (known as the Respondent) has received a petition for the dissolution of a marriage. The Respondent then has 30 days to answer the petition. If the respondent agrees with the action stated in the petition, then he or she can sign the Admission Form. But doing this means that the Respondent relinquishes any and all formal action about the statements contained in the Admission Form.

If the Respondent disagrees with the statements in the petition for the dissolution of a marriage, then he or she can fill out and sign a one-page form known as the Answer Form. Here, the Respondent can deny that any allegations made in the petition are true or he or she can admit that the allegations are true. The Answer Form also includes a section known as the Counterpetition. This section allows the Respondent to present their version about their marriage.

Knowing what forms will be needed during a divorce can be overwhelming. However, any Minnesota resident who is preparing to go through a divorce may want to speak to a divorce attorney in order to get a clearer picture about the kinds of divorce forms used in the state.

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