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Types of spousal support in Minnesota

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One of the major issues that must be decided during a divorce is spousal support. Setting the proper amount of spousal support is very important to both spouses. For the spouse who needs the support, it can help maintain the lifestyle that he or she had during their marriage and also make it possible to acquire the necessary job skills to become self sufficient. Spousal support is important to the spouse that must pay it because the amount should not be so exorbitant that it financially cripples the paying spouse.

The state of Minnesota recognizes two types of spousal support during a divorce proceeding. The first type is temporary spousal support, which is designed to last only for a limited period of time that is determined by the court. Temporary support is often awarded in order to help a spouse acquire the education and training necessary to re-enter the workforce and become self-sufficient. Permanent spousal support may be essential for a spouse who is older or in poor physical or emotional health, and unlikely to be able to achieve complete financial dependence.

Minnesota courts use a combination of criteria to determine the appropriate length of time that spousal support will last. Some of these criteria include the monetary assets of the spouse seeking support, the time that the spouse will need to acquire the proper job skills, the standard of living that was established during the marriage, how long the marriage lasted and the age and the emotional and physical condition of the spouse who is asking for support.

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