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Comedian and wife set to fight over couple’s sizeable assets

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Firm News |

Minnesota couples who’ve been through a divorce know it can be an emotionally draining process. If the two spouses cannot get together and iron out their differences regarding alimony, child support and dividing up their assets, then it’s likely the divorce will be a long drawn-out procedure. For one famous comedian, it looks like his divorce will not be a quiet one, at least when it comes to dividing up assets.

Chris Rock, known for his acerbic and profane observations on relationships, now finds himself going through a divorce that may end up costing him a considerable portion of his earnings. In papers filed in court, Malaak Compton-Rock, his wife, is seeking to acquire a sizable portion of the couple’s estimated $70 million wealth. Compton-Rock donates a large amount of her time to charitable work.

Rock married Compton-Rock in 1996 after they met at an awards ceremony. Compton-Rock gave up her career shortly after the couple was married so she could focus on taking care of their two children. The couple lived in a spacious home in exclusive Alpine, NJ.

Although the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, both Rock and Compton-Rock concede that the agreement expired because of a sunset clause. Without this agreement, both parties are free to argue over property division. A sunset clause is simply a statement that indicates when a prenuptial agreement is no longer valid.

According to the papers filed in court, lawyers for Compton-Rock believe she should get a payout that will allow her to maintain her current standard of living. The papers also indicate that the couple has already agreed to a joint child custody arrangement.

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