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Superstar chef wants court to affirm prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Firm News |

For many couples in St. Paul, Minnesota, divorce is rarely a clean, neat and unemotional process. There are usually many major details that must be taken care of, including alimony, child custody and child support. And, once these main areas have been agreed to, there are all of the additional details that must be hammered out, including dividing up a couple’s real estate and financial holdings. But, if a couple has signed a prenuptial agreement, many of the details that are argued over during a divorce can sometimes be settled more quickly. One celebrity chef obviously believes in this idea, since he recently asked a court of law to enforce a prenuptial agreement that he and his actress wife signed when they got married.

TV superstar chef, Bobby Flay, famous for his chain of restaurants and his appearances on the TV show Iron Chef, recently filed papers with his attorney, asking the court that is hearing his divorce to uphold the legality of his prenuptial agreement with actress Stephanie March. The agreement, which was signed back in 2005, requires that Flay pay March $5,000 a month.

According to a report, Flay did this back in March and sent a check to his spouse. However, March’s attorney supposedly returned the check along with a letter to Flay’s lawyer. March and her attorney do not think that the agreement is enforceable. The former Law and Order SVU actress has also complained that Flay has cancelled her credit card, which was used for purchasing household items.

Reports also seem to indicate that another aspect of the agreement is that March must leave the Manhattan apartment that she and Flay shared within six months. The actress is presently living there with her ill mother, while Flay has moved into a different apartment.

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