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Child Custody Lingering on the Minds of Many Minnesota Families

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Life is full of stress. From paying the bills to getting to work on time, there is always some pressure baring down on us. Family, of course, is what makes it all worth it. The stress melts away when your kids are sharing their tales of the day.

For too many Minnesota families, however, have the added stress of child custody concerns that could eliminate this safe haven. Family lawyer Janet L. Goehle understands this pressure and wants nothing more than for you to recover your oasis.

Divorces, separations or children out of wedlock can create issues with the custody of a child. While we all hope that we can simply work it out with a spouse, conflict is common. So is the involvement of local courts.

An experienced family lawyer like Goehle has been before these courts countless times and knows what it takes to get the best results for a parent. They can show that by preserving and maximizing your relationship with the child the best interests of that child are served.

In reality, preserving this relationship may be the most important thing you do in your life. Children make everything else you do worthwhile. Despite that, a custody dispute may eliminate your rights to spend time with or make decisions for a child. Protecting what is most important is what Janet L. Goehle’s law offices specialize in.

Our firm is there to answer all of your questions concerning custody, child support, divorce or any other family law matters that may present themselves. You do not have to face that mountain of stress on your own.