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Minnesota court to train child custody mediators

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Firm News |

The Blue Earth County District Court recently held a training session for individuals interested in becoming court appointed mediators. The participants in the training were expected to learn skills helpful in resolving parental disputes. These individuals are turned to when court intervention is not desirable or a court order is ambiguous.

For instance, enforcing a child custody order may be straight forward when it comes to school night versus weekends. Things may get less clear, however, during a holiday. While parental rights are determined by a Minnesota court, a mediator may be able to help parents resolve more minor issues like visitation rights on a specific day or night.

This service is one of many things Minnesota courts have done to make the family law process more user friendly for those filing for divorce or seeking custody rights. Local courts have also created forms and other advocacy programs to help local families work through a divorce of custody dispute. These services, however, can only go so far. To obtain the best representation, a parent must seek out the help of an expert.

Local St. Paul area family law lawyers know the ins and outs of the court processes and know how to guide their clients through what may be a difficult process. From securing a divorce, to obtaining a custody decree, to enforcing the orders, local lawyers can help Minnesota families through tumultuous times. If a divorce is on the horizon or a custody dispute is brewing, parents should reach out to experienced individuals who have been there before.

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