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Minnesota’s Prospective Divorcees Advised on Temporary Orders

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At this point, it is a cliché to say that the divorce process is stressful. Multiple factors play into this stress. One of the biggest, however, is financial uncertainty. After all, a prospective divorcee is going from two incomes and one home to one income and potentially supporting two homes. The long-term concerns, though, are sometimes dwarfed by the here and now.

When one files for divorce they may completely cut off the other spouse. From kicking them out of the house to moving assets and hoarding income, a spouse may be left in a precarious spot until a final settlement is reached. Fortunately, Minnesota residents have options to alleviate these concerns.

Temporary orders may be obtained shortly after a divorce is final. These orders may address such things as who gets to live in the house and whether one spouse is required to forward the other a monthly allowance. While spousal support and alimony can be finalized later on, temporary orders are a way to maintain the status quo, to a degree, until the process plays itself out.

This can be incredibly helpful in reducing the stress of a divorce process. Temporary orders allow things to calm down and emotions to ease so the parties can better work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

Whether it be a temporary order or an expedited property settlement, quick resolutions to stressful scenarios are possible if both parties approach the divorce in an amicable manner, which may be possible after some time has passed, allowing emotional to cool down.

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