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Olympic skier engaged in bitter child custody battle

Unfortunately, there are parents in Minnesota that have heated disagreements as to their child custody schedules. However, these personal battles are rarely in the best interests of the child and can cause great stress for the parents involved.

Olympic skier Bode Miller was in court last week fighting with his baby's mother over the particulars of the child's travel schedule. According to reports, the mother, a student at Columbia University in New York, was outraged over Miller's five-week excursion with their thirteenth month old. Her lawyer said the child barely recognized his mother upon his return.

Relocation cases among the most difficult child custody disputes

Child custody disputes involving relocation are some of the most difficult cases to come before Minnesota family law courts. It's hard enough for many parents to get adequate time with their children when they live nearby, but when one parent has to move away for work, school or some other reason it can lead to a very difficult and emotional situation.

In an unusual case, courts in two states have been struggling with how to resolve a child custody dispute between an Olympic athlete and a woman who bore his child.

Is 'conscious uncoupling' a good concept for divorcing couples?

When a couple comes to the realization that their marriage is not working out, the process can often be emotionally painful. Those going through divorce will likely be left with questions and may wonder - what is the best approach to take when separating from my partner?

Minnesota residents may have heard about actress Gwyneth Paltrow's recent split with her husband. According to reports, the actress announced the separation on her website, Goop, and referred to the split at "conscious uncoupling." Paltrow is not the first person to explore the idea of conscious uncoupling, which originated in New Age psychology. The process is designed to ease the pain of a breakup and help each person focus on their lives as individuals.

Missing child recovered in southern Minnesota

A missing Belle Plaine child has been recovered by authorities in Owatonna. According to reports, the Scott County Sheriff's office provided local police with a tip about a vehicle suspected of carrying an abducted child. The tip led to efforts by the Minnesota state patrol, the Owatonna police and the Steele County Sheriff's office to locate the vehicle.

The suspected vehicle was promptly located with the child in tow. Police apprehended the 29-year-old female driver and released the child to the custody of Scott County. While reports did not specify as much, abductions like this are often linked to a disputed child custody arrangement.

Minnesota Researchers Question Divorce Rate Status Quo

We have all heard the common statement that 1 out of 2 marriages ends in dissolution. In addition to this stat, many of us believe the divorce rate in America is actually going down. Conventional wisdom amongst those in the know, believe divorce rates in the United States peaked in the 1970's and have been steadily declining for three decades.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota, however, have questioned this assumption with new research published this year. They believe there have been problems with prior reporting. While their particular findings are interesting only to those mastering in statistics, the conclusion that divorce is becoming more common is simple.

Minnesota parents not the only ones getting divorced

This blog regularly reports on the changing demographics of divorce. One of the trends that has been documented is the rise in so-called gray divorces. In fact, the number of divorces involving couples over the age of 50 has doubled over the past 25 years. While a divorce at this age certainly has serious effects on retirement income, commentators are now looking into the effect such splits have on grandchildren.

Minnesota parents getting divorced know that custody concerns are paramount in a split. For parents with children who are parents, however, this is less of a concern. Grandchildren relationships, though, are now being raised as a concern or point of dispute in a split.

Minnesotans consulting apps for divorce advice

Last week, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported on a new trend amongst married couples: divorce apps. Apparently, there are hundreds of available apps for smart phones and tablets that purport to guide an individual through the unenviable process of a divorce.

Anyone familiar with the app market shouldn't be surprised. There is an app for everything, not just addictive games that kill time. The divorce apps range from quizzes geared towards informing a person about viable options in a divorce to apps designed as help for parents thinking about informing their kids of the split.

Minneapolis Couple Knows Love & Divorce

St. Paul residents may have heard on the local news outlets on Valentine's Day about a married couple with an interesting career mix. The Minneapolis husband and wife are a divorce attorney and matchmaker, respectively. Together, this couple sees everything from the early stages of puppy love to the end of a messy divorce.

The matchmaker claims her conversations with her husband gave her a deeper understanding of why relationships succeed and fail. This knowledge gave her a business idea. As a result, she started up her own matchmaking business that works with individuals of all ages. While the business is only fire years old, her husband joked that it was a poor source of referrals meaning her methods must be working.

Divorced Minnesota State Rep. Retires

Minnesota State Representative, Ernie Leidiger, is retiring from state governmental post. Leigier represented Carver County in the state legislature for two terms. A Navy vet himself, Leidiger was instrumental in securing benefits and aid for servicemen returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he was stepping back to spend time with his expanding family and to re-launch his business empire.

Leidiger was previously in the news because of his ownership interest in a half-million dollar property in Mayer that was recently foreclosed upon. He initially bought the property with his now ex-wife and other family members. Unfortunately, he said divorce and other factors led to the foreclosure of the property.

Minnesota has its share of divorce and domestic abuse

The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Woman has released its annual report on domestic violence. According to the report, 37 people were killed last year in our state as the result of a relationship with a significant other.

While some of the incidents involved younger couples that were still dating, a number of the incidents involved women informing their husbands that they wanted a divorce. One woman had divorce papers in her vehicle when she was reported missing. Her badly beaten body was discovered weeks later.

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